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Reverie + Oak Painterly Brush Set

Reverie + Oak Painterly Brush Set

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Please note: Brushes are only compatible with Lightroom Classic (LrC). Brushes are incompatible with ACR and Mobile versions of Lightroom.


 This brush set contains 16 brushes designed to add boldness, drama, and glow to your images. Apply at varying opacity to dial in *just the right amount* of life and depth! To soften intensity, reduce brush density (please note: density must be set before applying brush - density cannot be changed after brush is applied).


* Painterly Bold | Overall Brush: Paint over entire image to add a bold, dramatic painterly look.


* Painterly Glow | Overall Brush: Paint over entire image to add a softer, glowing painterly effect. 


* Painterly | Bring Back Detail: Designed to work with overall brushes to save + pop your details.


* Painterly | Bring Light To Eyes: Brush over orbital area to make eyes shine + pop. 


* Painterly | Brush On Golden Depth: Paint over background to accentuate deep, golden tones. 


* Painterly | Brush On Warm Glow: Brush on to create/enhance the appearance of soft golden light.


* Painterly | Deepen Darks: Brush over darks to add drama and depth. 


* Painterly | Hair: Brush over hair to add fresh-out-of-the-salon shine & softness. 


* Painterly | Pop Color: Brush on to pop those colors and bring an image to life.


* Painterly | Pop Whites: Crisp, bright whites with the stroke of a brush. 


* Painterly | Skin: A unique skin brush with a magic ingredient shared with me by a friend of Reverie + Oak - designed to make skin glow and compliment the painterly vibe!


* Painterly | Subject Pop Radial: Designed to work with the Overall Painterly brushes, this will     make sure your subject remains the rightful the center of attention.


* Painterly | Sky Blue: Just as it sounds!


* Painterly | Sky Warm: Just as it sounds!


* Painterly | Grass Golden: Removes the neon from the green, leaves you with a golden shade of grass. 


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